Freeze, wonderland and scare team advice

For now, I have been using a freeze team that is composed by Elsa (frozone disk), wall-e (dash disk), olaf (moana disk), kristoff and sven and Alice.

But I have been having difficulties in Coliseum, since I only have two decent teams the freeze team and another team composed by The beast, Bo peep, mulan, Megara and Li shang. And so I was looking to creat a wonderland based team, or something similar but I need Alice for that, so I will need another character to substitute her in my freeze team, I have heard that merida with the elastic girl disk it’s a good replacement, is it true?? Does anyone have any advice in relation to my freeze team or a good character to replace Alice??

And in relation to my wonderland team, does anyone has a good team based on them, I was planning to use Alice, the queen of hearts, the mad hatter, and the other two I have no idea, is the Cheshire cat a good character for this team??

And does anyone knows a scare team that might be better than wonderland team, just in case, because i still dont know if it’s better for my third team to be a scare team or a wonderland team.

The team I was using for temporary third team was oogie boogie, Mike wazowski, sulley and boo, jack skellington, and then I alternated between donald, hiro, baymax, and randall.

A Wonderland team would be better than a scare team. Cheshire is very good for lots of teams, including a Wonderland one. Could you post pictures of your top heroes with a few extras so we can help you a bit more?


Queen of Hearts is great too. Not sure about the utility of Alice or Hatter though.


Is this okay?? Or it’s better to post more of the characters I have??

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As a fellow freeze-team user, I’d like to share my team with you, hopefully it will help you somehow. I notice one thing people tend to forget that, Elsa and Kristoff’s purple skills affect not only freeze enemies, but also slow ones!

Right now, my team combo is like this: Goofy(Mickey), Queen of Heart(Alice), Pooh(Goofy), Elsa(Olaf) and Kristoff(Kida). I used to have Olaf but then replaced him with QoH because he had terrible armor and reality, making him go down 1sec in fights :frowning: and until Olaf has good red skill, I dont think my team will change anytime soon

As of Scare team, sadly they got outdated a long time ago :frowning: if and only if you have Jack Skellington, Sulley, Oogie and Mike’s Red Skills maxed, making them viable in fights, then maybe Scare team would become deadly. But then again, I haven’t seen any of them with a Max Red Skill outside of Invasion so…

And about Wonderland combo, I used Alice and Mad Hatter before QoH but decided to drop them.

Alice is cute, her skillset is unique so I didn’t really want to, but she contributed nothing to my team. And even after red skill came…

Mad Hatter is even worse than Alice, his Red Skill is strong but its effect is singular and it takes a lot of time and effort to max mean while you could do better with others.

I havent used Chesshire so I dont know about him but normally, new heroes will always be stronger

I use Mulan separately with Li Shang in my war/coli team and I put Meg and let her link to Li Shang, with the help of Donald, to make sure Li Shang stay alive and don’t get interrupted protecting my team :slight_smile:

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He’s way too strong. Bound to get a nerf soon…


As he has said, maybe scare teams aren’t viable without his red abilities, but let me tell you, any well-crafted character is good. My sulley before having red ability was decent, since it improved his passive which made his screams destroy teams in two or three uses, now with the red one. It is quite good to stop the exaggerated damage of Mulan, the shields that it puts due to the red one are so strong that it withstands the white ability of her, also that the more scares the greater durability. Yes, they deserve their reds to shine but having them makes them quite good, I usually use Alegría for Jack and Mike’s weaknesses, which is their reality but any support or can fit in this team.


Mike on the other hand, gained quite a bit of durability and his target is destructive. Maybe the new mechanic of using his blue at 1hp is not a big deal, but the 20% damage based on enemies is great. With a Jack (MH) you can destroy the back line fast.

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