Friend Campaign Problem Once Again

I’m trying to finish Chapter 1 of Manticore’s campaign, but I hit a giant roadblock. On the final wave, I’m facing a Sally, who’s killing my team for some reason. She is the most annoying hero due to her red skill. Her red skill might be insta-killing my heroes. Can someone help me out with this situation? Can someone replace Sally with someone else?

Manticores campaign with who? Mushu?

In general, Sally is annoying due to the sheer amount of damage and you may just need enough power ups and leveling/ranking to “Tank” the damage. Damage over time should count as a debuff, so Manticore should be able to clear it from her and transfer back to the enemies with her White Skill (and Red Skill).

But, even then, there’s simply a matter of being strong enough to survive multiple instances of this of the campaign doesn’t give you Reality and/or sufficient healing.

Yeah. It’s Manticore and Mushu’s Campaign.

Then Mushu’s silences can help prevent the red skill.

Mushu’s white skill can’t silence Sally’s Red Skill. Maybe @Loutre could post the patch notes about the hero fixes that Mushu’s white skill now silences red skills.

I mean, yeah that would help.

*The deadliest part IMO is the poison stacks it gives. But Mushus silences stop Sally’s white.

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