Friend Land ideas part 2

Hello everyone I know I am being add two roles. But this time I will only pick one role for each character at a time.


Role: damage

Position: Front

I’m allergic

White skill: Fiery stampede: Meltus charges throw enemies doing damage knocking them back and reducing their health for 9.0 seconds.

Green skill: Flaming Breath: Meltus roars, Does damage and silence Enemies reducing their health for 11.0 seconds.

Silence has a chance to fall if enemies are higher than level X.
Blue skill: Head heater: Meltus headbutts enemy knocking them back does damage and stuns them for 8.0 seconds.

Stunning has a chance to fall if enemies are higher than level X.
Purple skill: A-choo: Meltus sneezez, Reducing enemies health for 19.0 seconds.


A scientist experiment: Meltus speed increase when doing Firey stampede.

Hal and Bubbles:
A fiery leader: Meltus Basic attack and reality increase when doing Flaming Breath and Head heater.

Duck Hunt Duo


Role: control

Position: Front

Bark Bark Quck Quck
White skill: A Ducks heard : Duck Hunt Duo summons a flock of Ducks hitting enemies, Doing damage.
Green skill: Fly Duck fly: in each wave in the battlefield, Duck Hunt Duo flys over and in the middle of Enemies and does a Spin attack when falling down, doing damage.

Blue skill: shocked surprise: when Duck Hunt Duo get hit by a sneak attack. Duck Hunt Duo Dodges that attack and shoots them with surprising gun shots, does damage and stuns them for 8.0 seconds.

Stunning has a chance to fall if enemies are higher than level X.
Purple skill: A laughing start: in each wave in the battlefield Duck Hunt Duo jumps into Grass and laughs, Healing Allis and themselves and boosting up their Basic attack.


Slinky Dog:
A Dog’s way to play: Duck Hunt Duo gain more energy when doing A Laughing Start.

Coco and Poliwag:
Duo are friends until the end: Duck Hunt Duos speed increase when doing A Laughing Start, A Duck heard and Fly Duck fly.

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Can we get a picture of this character so we know who you are talking about?

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I know who that character is. He’s a member of the Infernites family along with Flamzer, and Burnard. He also looks like a Tyrannosaurus. He looks like this.

You don’t need to clarify this in every concept.

Also, the concept needs some more… details :grimacing:


What I mostly meant was one role. Ho ho ho

Yes you can :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:

What do you guys think about Duck Hunt Duo

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