Friend Land ideas part 26

Hello everyone today I will show you New Character Donnlame


Role Control
Position Front
Trial Team Yellow
Basic attack: Slaps Enemies three times
What’s the point of making me feel happy, I do like inflating myself, but I’m mostly sad and gloomy
Entrance: Walks into the Battlefield then puts on her hat
Victory: takes off her hat and bows.
Defeat: gets Scared and falls on her back.

White skill: Body Protection:
Passive: when using Body Protection, Slame Slap, Donnlame gives a shield to allies.

Active: Donnlame inflates herself and holds her breath until her energy bar is gone, after the energy bar is gone, Donnlame spits out the air, dealing damage and knocks them back far.

:sparkles: Fantastic damage

Green skill: To Shy To Be Seen: Donnlame dodges a basic attack and Skills and Becomes invisible for 12.0 seconds, after becoming invisible, Donnlame will not be target, she will also increase her basic damage.

Blue skill: Slame Slap: Donnlame Slams her arms to Enemies, Dealing damage and Blinds them for 7.0 seconds.

:sparkles: Fantastic damage

Blinding has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X.

Purple skill: Slame of Bad luck: Donnlame Blinds enemies for 6.0 seconds longer.


Sadness: Cry when you need it: Donnlame Deals extra Damage to Blind Enemies.

Melman: Emotionable Support: Donnlame Will also heals allis with the Shield.

That is all for now, I hope that you like this post.

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