Friend Land ideas part 28

Hello everyone today I will show you Lunk and Volectro Mixel from Mixels

Lunk Mixel

Role Control
Position Front
Trial Team Red
Basic attack: Lunk Slaps Enemies by wiggling his arms
To: Balk, Stay cool on your birthday, From Lunk Hehehehe

Entrance: Simply walks into the battlefield
Victory: Gets happy and does a slow dance
Defeat: Looses consciousness and then falls on his belly

White skill: Ice Cryer:
Passive: non like His blue skill Lunk Freezes Enemies with all of his skills, without falling or dodge

Active: Lunk Cry’s, Dealing damage to close Enemies and freezes them for 5.0

:sparkles: Fantastic damage

Green skill: Nose Freeze: Lunk Dodges a basic attack and Sneezes Dealing damage and Freezes them for 5.0 seconds and will also Reduce Enemies HP.
:sparkles: Fantastic damage

Blue skill: Icy Head: Lunk Headbutts near by Enemies dealing damage knocks them back and stuns them for 7.0 seconds

Stunning has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X.
:facepunch: Normal damage


Purple skill: Freezing Life: Lunk Freezes Enemies 7.0 seconds longer.


Frozone: Ice makers: Lunk Deals extra Damage to freezed Enemies.


Meltus: Fire and Ice world: Lunk reduce Enemies HP for 6.0 seconds longer

Volectro Mixel


Role Damage
Position Mid
Trial Team Red
Basic attack: Volectro sends a small zap to Enemies
Rad Fun, Rad Fun
Entrance: Boogys to his position, this is before his Blue skill
Victory: Happliy Dances
Defeat: Gets Shock and screams

White skill: electric dance:
Passive: All of Volectro’s Skills reduce Enemies HP and Stuns Them.

Reduce HP and Stuns Can’t be Dodge or immune.

Active: Volectro Dances and Waves his arms in the air until his energy bar is gone dealing damage to Enemies Reduce their HP and Stuns them for 5.0 seconds and Boost up Allis Basic Damage, Attack Speed, Reality for 7.0 seconds

Green skill: Shocking Touch: Volectro jumps to the closest Enemies and High Gives them, Dealing damage knocks them back Reducing their HP and stuns them for 5.0 seconds

Blue skill: Run With Electric: In each wave in the Battlefield, Volectro Runs through Enemies, Dealing damage, Stuns them, and reduce their HP for 5.0 seconds.

Purple skill: Electric Shock: Volectro Stuns and Reduce Enemies HP for 8.0 seconds longer.


Powerline: Electric Party: Volectro Deals extra Damage to Stunned Enemies.

R.O.B.: Power Up: Volectro Steels reality when using Run With Electric.

That is all for now, I hope that you like this post.

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