Friend Land ideas part 29

Hello everyone today I will show you Steenee and Mimikyu from Pokemon, and New Character Captain Long Beck



Role Control
Position Front
Trial Team Yellow
Basic attack: Steenee Slaps near by Enemies
Steenee Steenee
Entrance: Simply walks into the Battlefield
Victory: Gets Happy and Jumps around
Defeat: Falls on her back

White skill: Sing and Dance: Steenee Sings and Dances until her energy bar is gone, Dealing damage to Enemies, and Boosting up Allies Basic Damage Skill Power, Attack Speed, Reality for 17.0 seconds.

Green skill: Heal Grass: Steenee throws a Mushroom to the alley with the lowest HP, Healing that Ally for 10.0 seconds.

Blue skill: Let it Grow: Steenee throws 3 more Mushrooms to Allies, Healing Allies and Gives Allies armor for 7.0 seconds.

Purple skill: Grass Dancer: Steenee Charms 3 Enemies for 6.0 seconds while using Sing and Dance.


Coco and Poliwag: Dancing Tree: Steenee Charms Enemies for 7.0 seconds longer.

Banjo and Kazooie: nature adventure: Steenee heals herself when using Heal Grass.


Role Damage
Position Front
Trial Team Yellow
Basic attack: Mimikyu Scratches near Enemies

White skill: Scary Surprise: the Player picks an Enemy for Mimikyu, Then Mimikyu Teleport to that enemy and scares them, Dealing damage and stuns them for 10.0 seconds.

Stunning has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X.

:shield: True Damage

Green skill: Shadow Slash: Mimikyu Scratches 3 Enemies with his Shadow Claws, Dealing damage and Scares them for 7.0 seconds.

:sparkles: Fantastic damage

Blue skill: Scary Head: Once every 5.0 Seconds, When Mimikyu Reached to 20% of his HP, His head will fall to the ground, Dealing lots of Damage and scares them for 18.0 seconds

:shield: True Damage.

Purple skill: Copycat: Mimikyu Deals extra Damage when using his Basic attack and Shadow Slash.


Oogie Boogie: Creeps in disguise: Mimikyu Reduce Enemies HP when using Scary Surprise.

Donnlame: Need Love: Mimikyu Steels reality when using Shadow Slash.

Captain Long Beck

Role Tank
Position Front
Trial Team Blue
Basic attack: Slashes Enemies with his Sword
What I care about most is Gold Ho Ho ho
Entrance: Simply walks into the battlefield then Pulls his Sword from his Robo arm.
Victory: Rise up his Sword and yells
Defeat: get pain from his Robo leg and jumps around angry like.

White skill: Cannon Blast: Captain Long Beak pulls out a cannon and Fire it to Enemies, Dealing damage and Silence them for 6.0 seconds

Silencing has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X.

Green skill: Fixen the parts: Captain Long Beak Repairs his Robo leg, Heals himself and boosting up his Basic damage Skill Power and Attack Speed by 200% and Will keep half of this buff from wave to wave.

Blue skill: Spy Eye: Captain Long Beak Studys all Enemies for 6.0 seconds.

Purple skill: Captain of the Birds: Captain Long Beak Deals extra Damage when using Cannon Blast.


John Silver: Treasure lover: Captain Long Beak Steels reality when using Cannon Blast.

Chomper: Hungry for adventure: Captain Long Beak Deals extra damage to Stunned Enemies

That is all for now, I hope that you like this post.

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