Friend Land ideas part 3

Today I will show 3 characters


Role: support

Position Back

I found another brown spot on my shoulder. See look, right there, Do you see it?

White skill: A medical need: Melman opens his Medical create, Healing Allis and himself.

Green skill: warning germs: Melman accidentally throws a poison to enemy, doing damage and reducing Enemies health for 18.0.

Blue skill: This might only hurt a bit: Melman throws a pineapple to a Ally, Might do little bit of damage but boost up their Basic attack and heals them for 20.0 seconds.

Purple skill: A doctors support: Melman heal himself when doing his basic attack.


A doctor’s experiment: Melman gain more energy when doing Warning germs.

Marty & Blu:
It a Jungle out here: When Melman is doing A Doctors support he gains more energy.

Springy Hand and Snake

Role: Damage

Position: Front

It’s Springy Time

White skill: Springy Slam:
Passive: Springy Hand and Snake Basic attack Hits twice in one.

Active: Springy Hand Slams down hitting all Enemies and stuns them for 10.0 seconds,

Stunning has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X.

Green skill: Spring charge: Snake Runs by enemies while Springy Hand hold on to the ground and pulls Snake back, Doing damage to enemies while Snake Runs and come back.

Blue skill: Sneaky bite: Springy Hand and Snake Dodges a basic attack and Snake Bite Enemies, Does damage and reducing Enemies health for 12.0 seconds.

Purple skill: A spring Day: Springy Hand and Snake does more damage to stunned enemies.


Slinky Dog:
A Spring in the step: Snake Steels energy and reality while using Spring charge.

Gerald, Marlin and Nemo:
Three and two are better than one: Springy Hand and Snake gives energy and reality to allies when doing Spring charge, and Springy Slam.



Role: Damage

Position: Mid

Zombies for my lunch

White skill: Chompzlia: Chomper transforms into Chompzlia and spit out a Giant Poison at enemies doing damage and reducing Enemies health.

Green skill: borrowing underground: On each wave in battle, Chomper borrows underground and Jumps out in the middle of Enemies, Doing damage and stuns them for 8.0 seconds.

Stunning has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X.

Blue skill: Zombie eater: Chomper eats a zombie, Healing himself.

Purple skill: Poison drop: Chomper Reducing Enemies health when doing his basic attack.


Piranha Plant:
Ready to Plant: Chomper heals himself when using his basic attack.

A Bug world: Chomper Reducing Enemies reality while using Borrowing underground.

Can you post your concepts when they’re competed?

And who is Melman? Is he the giraffe from Madagascar?

Yes. Because let me tell you, there’s no another giraffe that thinks that having brown spot on his shoulder makes him sick then him :joy::joy::laughing::joy::joy:

You didn’t watch Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa did you?:smirk:

Uhh Maybe :neutral_face:

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