Friend Land ideas part 5

Hello everyone today I will show you Alex the Lion and Slinky Bull.

Alex the Lion

Role: Damage

Position: Mid

Alex the Lion

White skill: Rock climber: Alex jumps on his rock and does his pose, Boosting up Allies and himself Basic attack and speed.

Green skill: A scratch like that: Alex scratches with his claws, does damage to near by enemies.

Blue skill: steak: Alex pulls out a steak, healing himself.

Purple skill: the king of New York City: Alex charms Enemies for 30.0 seconds when doing Rock climber.


Marty and Blu:
A Best friend for an animal: Alex gain energy when doing Steak.

Every Spotlight needs a Doctor: Alex Boost up his Basic attack when doing A scratch like that.

Slinky Bull

Role: Tank

Position: Mid

Who needs horns when you got a Springy body

White skill: Springy Zapper: Slinky Bull activate his Force Field, Giving everyone and himself a shield and Zaps Enemies, does damage.

Green skill: stretch-rama: Slinky Bull runs the front half of his body through enemies, Does damage and more damage on the way back.

Blue skill: Bottom up: Slinky Bull jumps the Back half of his body to an enemy, Knocking them back and stuns them for 7.0 seconds,

Stunning has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X.

Purple skill: Lead the way: in each wave in the battlefield, Slinky Bull smells, boosting up Allis and his basic attack.


Slinky Dog:
The life with a spring: Slinky Bull Gain Energy when doing Lead the way.

A Spring in the frog step: when Slinky Bull is using Springy Zapper, Slinky Bull heals himself.


How come Alex doesn’t have a quote?

This would work better as a basic attack

This would work better as his white skill

Also you just used slinky dog’s move set for slinky bull’s move set

Where are the red skills?

Overall I give this concept a 4/10
giphy (7)
Also maybe post a image of the characters.

Okay, so I did copy Slinky Dog moves, but the Blue skill and purple skill.

Plus for Alex’s Basic attack,he roars.

The blue skill and purple skill, I made those two up.

Well at least I try to think some ideas for Alex and Slinky Bull, right :worried::worried:

They don’t have Red Skill.

Haven’t you seen my another ones? Non of them don’t have Any Red Skill.

Yoshi (super mario)
Hal and Bubbles (angry birds)

Meltus (Mixels)
Duck Hunt Duo

Melman (Madagascar)
Springy Hand and Snake
Chomper (PvZ)

And 4
Coco and Poliwag
Piranha Plant

Just because Baloo charms Enemies with his white skill, doesn’t mean that Alex doesn’t with his white skill, but with his purple skill.

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