Friend Land ideas part 7

Hello everyone today I will be showing Calavera from Mario + Rabbids and Rabbid Yoshi

Role: Tank

Position: Mid
Trail Team: Red
Entrance: Comes out for the ground
Victory: Laughs in a creepy way
Defeat: Goes back in to his grave


White skill: Scream to you : Passive Calavera will not take any damage until he gets knock back when he gets knock back or when Calavera using Weed Slam, Calavera will not uses his Basic attack and skills for 6.0 seconds.

Active: Calavera screams, Scaring near by enemies for 10.0 seconds.

Green skill: weed Slam: Calavera slams his shield st enemies, doing damage and knocks them back.

Blue skill: Bwahh incomes: Calavera squeeze the Rabbid he holds and the Rabbid spits out a bomb to enemies, doing damage and blinds them for 9.0 seconds

Blinding enemies has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X

Purple skill: Spooky Scary Grave: Calavera do damage to blind enemies.



Oogie Boogie: A Scary game: Calavera Steels energy when using Scream to you.
Gerald, Marlin, and Nemo: Non scare seal: while
Calavera uses Scream to you, Calavera Steels reality and energy.

Rabbid Yoshi

Role: Control

Position: Back
Trail Team: Red
Entrance: hops around
Victory: jumps up and down
Defeat: drops his Blaster and Screams

White skill: Blastrama: Rabbid Yoshi blasts Enemies until he Energy bar is gone, does damage and stuns them.

Green skill: Ducky bomber: Rabbid Yoshi throws his duck bomb to enemies, doing damage and knocks them back.

Blue skill: BWAHHHH: Rabbid Yoshi screams, Scary near by enemies.
Purple skill: Rabbid time: Rabbid Yoshi gain more energy when using Ducky bomber.


Calavera: Try Bwahing a long: Rabbid Yoshi give armor to an Ally when using Blastrama.

Yoshi: Fire your Blaster: Rabbid Yoshi give more energy when using his Basic attack

That’s is all for now I hope you like this post and yes I did though enough ideas for them to be a solo characters.

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