Friend Land ideas part 9

Hello everyone today I will show Skipper Kowalski Rico and Private, Toucaril, and Rabbid Luigi

Skipper Kowalski Rico and Private

Don’t look doll, this might get hairy, attention This is your captain speaken, I got good new and Bad new, The Good new is we will be landing immediately, Bad new is we’re crash landing.

Basic attack: They Slap Enemies four times
Entrance: Walks on the battlefield and then stack up on each other
Victory: They high one
Defeat: Try’s to Balance and then falls
Role: Damage
Position: Front

White skill: Fire in the hole: the player picks who to attack, Rico Pulls out a huge Blaster and fires it, Doing Damage and stuns them for 12.0 seconds, If on auto Rico fires it to the Enemy with the highest HP.
Stun has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X
Green skill: Fish Slap: Skipper pulls out a Rotten Fish and Throws it, Deals Damage and knocks them back.

Blue skill: Spy on them: In each wave In the Battlefield, Kowalski Pulls out the goggles and his book and pencil, Studying Enemies for 17.0 seconds.

Studying has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X

Purple skill: Cute and cuddly Boys: When Skipper Kowalski Rico and Private reach 0 HP, Private looks At Enemies with his Cute and cuddly, Healing themselves


Kim Possible: Ready to spy: Skipper Kowalski Rico and Private studys three Enemies.

Alex the Lion: Spirit to guide you: Skipper Kowalski Rico and Private gain more energy when using Cute and cuddly Boys.


Role: Tank
Position: Front
You’ve got to let the music guide you when you need music
Basic attack: Slaps his arm
Victory: puts on music and dances
Defeat: gets shock and faint

White skill: Party all night long: Toucaril puts on music and dances 12.0 seconds, Charming Enemies.

Green skill: Put your hands in the air: Toucaril slams both his arms to the ground sending a wave to Enemies, deal damage and knocks them back.

Blue skill: Punch the beat: Toucaril dodges a basic attack and Punches the closest Enemies, Dealing damage, knocks them back and stuns them for 7.0 seconds

Stunning has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X

Purple skill: Believe the music in you: Toucaril boost up Allis basic attack speed, Skills and give them armor for 9.0 seconds.

Baloo: Relax to dance: Toucaril give armor to low HP ally.

Melman: safety first and then Dancing: Toucaril give energy to an Ally every 2.0 seconds.

Rabbid Luigi

Role: Control
Position: Mid
Bwah ha ha ha
Basic attack: Shoot with his yo-yo Blaster
Victory: Jumps happy like
Defeat: Cover his face with his hat
White skill: Shield reflect: Rabbid Luigi Activates his Reflection shield, Giving himself and the front line Allis armor and reflection for 15.0 seconds
Green skill: Rocket Blastrama: Rabbid Luigi fire his rocket to Enemies, Dealing damage and reducing Enemies HP for 8.0 seconds

Blue skill: Weak attacks: Rabbid Luigi weaking Enemies basic attack, Skills, and armor for 13.0 seconds.
This move can not be Dodge or taken less effect
Purple skill: Lucky hat: Rabbid Luigi does more damage to Enemies after using Weak attacks.


Rabbid Yoshi: Bwahing to go: Rabbid Luigi does more damage to Scared Enemies.

Joy: Having fun with you: Rabbid Luigi gains more energy when using Rocket Blastrama.

That is all for now, I hope you like this post and see you on the next one

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