Friendship campaigns


On server 8 and the I am only seeing two friendship mission available in the friend campaigns. I have a lot more unlocked. Anyone know what this is about or how to fix it? I would really like to grt the disks for certain hero’s I’ve unlocked.


If you click on the specific hero and then click friends, you can select the friendship you wanna campaign by clicking campaign.


In friend finder click <3 (if icon is red) button or choice ALL.

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Mission for Olaf Felix is not working on S16

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I think you should get a Support Ticket on that…

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Thank you that worked


I have a problem with every second fight in the friendship campaign. On server 16…

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Can you resend the screenshot because I can’t click on it?

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@Detective_Piglet_VII This is a known issue that the team is working to fix. If you restart your device that can sometimes clear the error.

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Done that. I tryed also to delete the game… Nothing works…

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This is driving me crazy. Any word on when the fix may happen?


Server 18 missing all missions for Sally and Jack Skellington. Their discs are impossible to get…


And still not fixed…