Friendship guide?

I know there’s like guides for the best heroes in each role (like tanks, damages, etc.) and guides for the best mods for heroes, but I wanna know if there’s a guide to the best friendship for each character.

Yes, just search up the Hero Tier List post by @Musketeer. They listed the best disk for each character right next to its name. :upside_down_face:


I don’t really care about musket’s tier list,I just ask the players which disk is good

There’s also this thread, where players vote on and discuss which disk they think is better:
Last few friendship disks looks like the until next update


This Tier List also for the disk(s) of each hero. If any hero have both, meaning both are good.

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None of the comments answering the original person’s question are even directed at you, so why do you keep responding to them?


Even I don’t know

Both the tier list and the web version of the Recommended Mods Guide show the most useful friendship disk for every hero :slight_smile:

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