Friendship ideas

Mad Hatter and Anger: “Mad Brew”
The Hatter puts a teapot on Anger’s head, and finds his fire can brew the perfect tea in no time at all.

Gonzo and Duke Kaboom: “Master Blaster”
Duke learns from Gonzo about being a true daredevil.

Miguel and Jasmine: “The Language Of Love”
Miguel asks Jasmine to help him write a song about a girl he has a crush on. As Miguel writes the song, Jasmine figures out that the girl Miguel has a crush on is her. Jasmine is flattered, but explains that she is too old for him. Miguel is disappointed, but Jasmine tells him that his song was one of the nicest gifts she ever received.

Gonzo already has a friendship with Duke :upside_down_face:

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Sorry, heroes can’t have more than 2 friendships

And then the Miguel/Jasmine is weird. Friendships aren’t usually based on love, especially unofficial love. Mr. Incredible’s love for Elastigirl is official. Woody’s love for Bo is official. But Miguel isn’t in love with Jasmine. At all. Anyways Jasmine already has a husband, Aladdin. So… the friendship would encourage “cheating”.

I disagree the friendship story a lot. It doesn’t appeal to me.

It’s better to do friendships with new characters

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