Friendship Overview


Friends Overview

Friends Are Fun!

In Disney Heroes, you can unlock friendships between a variety of different hero pairs. Each friendship consists of four main features:

  1. Friend Wall: a place where a friend pair’s achievements and conversations are posted.
  2. Friend Campaign: a story-driven adventure unique to a friend pair.
  3. Friend Missions: a collection of quests on which you can send a pair of friends.
  4. Memory Disks: Special upgradable “gear” that one friend in a pair gifts to the other.


The friends feature unlocks at Team Level 30. After that, you can unlock specific hero friendships. Unlocking a freindship requires that both heroes be promoted to blue rank and reach a certain level.


Once a friendship is unlocked, it can also gain friend XP and level up. Leveling a friendship unlocks new friend features. Gain friend XP initially by completing daily friend quests. Gain friend XP faster later on by completing Friend Campaign battles and Friend Missions.

Friend Wall


The Friend Wall is a timeline that shows highlights in the friendship between two heroes.


It’s also a place where dialog from the Friend Campaign and Missions is recorded in case you want to re-read it in the future!

Friend Campaigns

Unique Stories

Each friend campaign tells a story about the relationship between the two heroes. Both heroes are required for every battle. Some campaign also allow a few additional heroes to join as they progress. Like elite, friend campaigns require you to finish the corresponding normal campaign levels first.

Unique Rewards

Finish a friend campaign completely to unlock a memory disk: a special item that can be equipped and upgraded by one of the heroes in the friendship.

Friend Missions

What Are Missions?

Missions are quests on which you can send pairs of friends to bring back rewards. Each mission takes a fixed time to complete and has a chance of success. After the mission finishes, you receive your rewards if it suceeds!

Unlock & Progression

As your friend level increases, you will unlock more missions. Higher friend-level missions have better rewards, but take more time. Each mission itself can also be upgraded. Sometimes, when you complete a mission, you’ll find a mission update. Collecting 3 updates increases the level of a mission and unlocks better rewards!


All missions require a certain pair of friends. Most also require a badge or two. Some can require additional heroes as well. Make sure to check the requirements closely!

If you fail to complete a Mission, the badges you spent to start it will be rewarded. Upgrade your heroes’ level, rank, stars and skill level to increase your chances of success the next time!


Lower friend-level missions reward Friend XP. Higher friend-level ones also award disk power and memories, the two key ingredients in upgrading Memory Disks.

Memory Disks

What are Memory Disks?

Disks are special items that heroes can equip and upgrade. Each disk is designed to enhance key traits of the hero who equips it.

Obtaining Disks

Whenver you complete a friend campaign, you will unlock a memory disk for the primary hero in the friendship. A memory disk is a permanent momento of the heroes’ friendship! If a hero has more than one friend, that means that hero can unlock more than one memory disk. But each hero can only equip one memory disk at a time.

Upgrading Disks

Like a hero, a memory disk has both a level and star rating. Both can be upgraded to unlock the full power of the disk. Upgrading disk level requires disk power. Disk power can be earned by completing missions, clearing infected levels in the normal campaign and completing stages in City Watch hard mode. Higher disk levels increase the bonus to one of the hero’s key stats. Upgrading disk stars requires memories. Memories can be earned by completing missions. Additional stars increase the power of whatever unique ability the disk provides the hero.

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