Friendship power level/resource expenditure query

Just relying on the power of Bolt alone, this is an equal battle.

I have not yet tried Ariel’s Friendship campaign with Nemo&Marlin, but they’re at the recommended minimum level for equal combat.
Based on my experience with Bolt, they’ll need to exceed that minimum by about 20 levels to make the fights equal.

To upgrade all four of these cost me 50000 stamina, 300milliion gold and 400 SuperXP crates.

Based on this expenditure count, I’m starting to think Friendship upgrades to improve success rate is unfeasibly impractical.
There are a lot more I want to do, some necessary, some not.
But if they all require this level of resource expenditure, then should I disregard all but the very essential ones?

I am thinking from this point on, if one of the Friend individuals is not in my top 20, don’t waste time&resources on the campaign.

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Don’t get the discs for those heroes you will never use. That way you get better chances of getting memory bits from the store for those heroes you really want

Unfortunately, that ship has sailed, been lost at sea and sunken in treacherous waters.

I did a lot of the easier campaigns just because I could.

With the difficulty increase, I reasoned that an unused character needed their disc to provide a competitive edge in another campaign if they were chosen for another character I do use, even if that other is only used infrequently.

But given the above information, I will try to avoid those characters I definitely have no intention of using, to make certain their memories are not added to the store as additional unneeded inventory.

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