Friendship Timeline (Revived)


I did a thread about this topic 5 months ago… I’ll open this up and basically revive it. We’ll do it piece by piece and I need you guys (and gals) to help me with this Timeline. I’ll try my best to keep it short and sweet and redact some dialogues…

  1. We can assume that the Violet-Ralph Campaign Chapter 8 and somewhere in the Mr. Inc-Dash Campaign happens at the same time because of this dialogue:

Elastigirl: “Violet, honey, thank goodness I found you. We need your help.”
Violet: “What happened, Mom?”
Elastigirl: "The creeps have completely taken over the Port, Your Father and Dash are out there training. They’re surrounded!

Confirmed by Kinokan

  1. We can be sure that the Finnick-Judy and Nick-Yax Campaigns happen at the same time because of these dialogues:

Finnick-Judy Dialogue on starting the Campaign:

Judy: Nick, you’ve got to help me on this fight club case. I’ve got zero leads!
Nick: No can do Carrots. I’m swamped with this gerbil case. But I do know another fox that might be able to help…

Nick-Yax Dialogue on completing Chapter 1:

Nick: I gotta find a gerbil who stole a ring from Fru Fru. Have you seen any suspicious gerbils here?
Yax: I saw this gerbil holding a diamond ring with a fanny pack.
Nick: Yax! That’s our guy. Can you help me find him?
Yax Of course.

Confirmed by Baroness_Eric_II

  1. We’re sure that the Sulley-Woody Campaign comes after the Mike-JJ Campaign because of this dialogue:

Elastigirl: You’re here? How did you know where I live?
Sulley: Mike had me drop off some things for him when he was babysitting Jack-Jack.

  1. We’re sure that the Woody-Buzz Campaign comes after the Jessie-Buzz Campaign by these dialogue and description:

Jessie-Buzz Campaign E1-L2 Description:

He establishes a new strike force called “Hero Command,” modeled after Star Command.

Woody-Buzz Dialogue on completing Chapter 5:

Buzz: Wherever there’s danger, Hero Command is there to take the call.
Woody: Hero Roundup will be glad to take care of the situation instead of you.

  1. We’re sure that the Genie-Mike Campaign comes after the Mike-Sulley Campaign by these dialogue

Genie-Mike Campaign E1-L1 Description:

Mike and Genie have met before at the City Comedy Club and on patrol, but they’ve never just “hung out”

Mike-Sulley Dialogue on completing Chapter 5:

Sulley: Hrm… what about that other big blue guy we’ve seen around?
Mike: The Genie? He’d be perfect! You’re a genie-us!



Wow, dis timeline must have token u awhile 4 u 2 piece together. Bravo on ur hard work @HeroSSWin. :clap:



Uh…so…you wanna figure out what friendship campaigns are going on at the same time?? Ok

Maybe this will help?

Mike and Sulley’s friendship is trying to restore power to a city through laughter because the city is having a black out.

Anyone got anything for this??

Also, may I advise that you look at Merida for more? She r got a lot of friendships and I am gonna start tackling them soon.

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Not really, the first 2 were made 5 months ago while the last 2… I saved them and decided to put them in the Timeline.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’ll look for others later… I just made the Timeline before I went to sleep.



@HeroSSWin you did a great job. Very impressive your rubber band has a lot of snap in it dosent it? In other words your one smart :cookie: cookie! Keep up the good work! :reminder_ribbon: I’ll give you a blue ribbon and a :star2: gold star for that!

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I don’t take all the credit here… I had some help in the Timeline like @Kinokan and @Baroness_Eric_II

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Well kudos to them as well! :rofl:

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Oh yah she cannot beleaf that you did this. :upside_down_face:



Hey @HeroSSWin, I think I might have some puzzle pieces to a friendship timeline.

In the beginning of the Jessie/Judy friendship, Jessie was gonna go out on patrol with Bullseye. But she dosen’t see him in the stables.

And in the Jack/Nick friendship, Nick asks Ralph what Jack did on his crazy night. Ralph said he saw Jack riding Bullseye.

I think dis kind of connects. Don’t u think?



Here’s another potential clue. In the Mr Incredible/Elastigirl campaign, they decide they can do creep patrols as like a weekly thing and have Violet babysit Jack-Jack.

Then in the Violet/Jack-Jack campaign she’s babysitting him. Then in the Bogo/Jack-Jack one I think they specify Violet can’t do it that night, and in the Mike/Jack-Jack one they say “none of” the usual sitters can do it.

So I think there’s the implication that the order goes:

Mr. I./Elastigirl

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Actually, Jesse was with Bullseye in the Covered Market when Jack ran up and jumped on him. Jesse saw the whole thing, so it can’t connect. If you’re working on the Jack/Nick campaign, sorry for the spoilers.



Thanks. I’ll look into that.

I should probably add a Spoiler Alert…



Oh. Well then thxs 4 the clear up.

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Ok I think I found something kinda…

As you can see, Elastigirl and Merida friendship. This happens to be talking about Bob and Helen’s friendship disk

Spoiler alert, they go on a date night. Soo this is after that happened…helpful or no?

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But when Mr I & Elastigirl talk about going on Vacation they say Frozone may have t baby sit JJ

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UPDATE: Added “Genie-Mike Campaign comes after Mike-Sulley Campaign”



Borrowed this from another post,For some reason I just realized that Date night starts a series of campaigns involving the babysitting of Jack- Jack. Fiirst Violet, then Bogo, Next is Mike.