Friendship Updates Don’t Have Updates Bug

This is the wall for my Timon & Pumbaa and Stitch friendship. I’ve been doing the Surf’s Up mission and there should be text in the updates, but there aren’t any. Can this be fixed please?

I also used some mission speed ups so I could get the disc faster.


So does using the Mission Speedup not show you any updates? Or is this just a bug?

Where text. @Polaris should not be text there.

@Polaris what is wrong.

Has any one else had this issue?

Even now when I don’t use mission speed ups I don’t get any updates @Polaris

Same goes for many of the new friendship missions. But at least those have some text.
Can you help us out @Polaris?

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Yes, please help. I need to know what happens in “Surfs Up.” Do T&P wipe out? Do they have fun?

I started a new T&P/Stitch friendship mission called Acquired Tastes (and I’m not using any mission speed ups this time) and there still isn’t any update texts. Not on the wall or even in the “missions building” area after I click collect.

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Would you please reply to this, @Polaris? This is an important issue.

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