Friendships with New Character (Remix)

I would like to what friendship for new characters you would like to see.

Now, this one, there are no polls, so have choice of any character as long as it is from a different franchise.

Let’t begin


The evil queen

Aurora/Megara and Aurora/Belle

So… who’s next?

New Character 2: Mama Odie

Mama Odie/Dr. Facilier and Mama Odie/Tia Dalma

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Mama Odie/Rafiki and Mama Odie/Kida

I wanted to see Olaf paired with a villain, and there is a conversation as follows:

Olaf: What are you doing

Villain: None of your business

Olaf: sounds like fun, can I come too?

Villain: No! And if you think those adorable puppy eyes will make me change my mind, you are wrong.

Olaf: …

Villain: Gah! Fine! You can come! you are two cute for your own good.


New Character 3: Prince John

Prince John/Tigger and Prince John/King Louie

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New Character 4: Wendy Darling

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Wendy/Peter Pan and Wendy/Miguel

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Wendy/peter pan and Wendy/miss piggy

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Wendy and Peter
Wendy and Belle

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New Character 5: Mowgli

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Mowgli/baloo and mowgli/king Louie

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New character 6: Sam the Eagle (America Sing)


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Disney sure likes naming eagles sam (well, one is muppets so…)

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Sam/Gonzo and Sam/Launchpad

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PIKACHU!!! (New character)

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