Frost Queen Cookie unlikely concept

Frost Queen Cookie

Position: Back
Role: Control
Trial Team: Blue

You cannot defy the cycle of life.

Entrance: Snowflakes drop while she walks in
Victory: Slowly walks out
Defeat: Transforms into a crystal and floats away

Basic Attack: She waves her staff, then a magical crystal floats on her staff, Increasing the Crit Chance of all allies

White Skill: Shatter ( True Damage )
Active: She waves her staff, causing ice to cover up the enemy team. Dealing X damage and freeze all enemies
The freeze may lose effect for enemies that are level higher than level X

Green Skill: Freeze
At the start of each wave, freezes all enemies for 3 seconds

Blue Skill: Feel the breath of winter
Active: Every 10 seconds, she blows a magical snowflake to a random enemy, freezing them for 4 seconds

Purple Skill: You will regret this
A frozen enemy’s Crit Chance, Attack, Armor and Speed will all decrease by X
She herself is immune to the freeze effect

Red Skill: Can you feel the cold?
All freeze effects will last longer by 1 second

You will regret this now increases her Crit Chance, Attack, Armor and Speed by X
Freeze’s freeze effect now lasts 7.5 seconds

+X Crit Chance
+X attack
+X speed

Battle badge bonuses
+X Armor
+X Attack


Frost Queen/ Elsa
Campaign: Just Alike
Allies: Bolt, Olaf, Sarah
Disk: 2 of a kind
Disk Effect: You will regret this now decreases reality by X

Frost Queen/ Evil Queen
Campaign: Angel or Devil Queen
Allies: Frozone, Nick, Gadget
Disk: Crown of the dark side
Disk Effect: Increases Crit Chance by X

Can someone just comment

For how long? This skill seems a little below average.

Great concept :slight_smile:

Emm… 4 secs
If elsa is with her, the battle is insane

Shatter should shatter enemies because it is called shatter so it should shatter but is does not shatter

Well, you made this concept at the right time :wink:

Really, i meqm

You play cookie run,
If i say shatters all enemies, wouldnt it be broken

The skill called “Berserk” doesn’t have Berserk.
The skill called “Energize” doesn’t have Energize.

There is a reason to it though

Sorry, but i don’t get it

So, any of you want me to edit the Shatter skill

Yes I’d do

  • Edit shatter skill
  • No edit shatter skill

0 voters

Thanks for helping me pull up a poll
But does anyone play cookie run

Only asking

I do about a 4th of the people do

I dont get it

Cookie run is one of the most popular games

In korea actually
I started playing Cookie run when i’m watching the daily videos and i saw sonic
Easy Farm
And do you play

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