Frozen Anna Concept


Quote: “The only frozen heart around here is yours!”

Description: Anna puts up a courage to help people from getting hurt and would take upon herself by using her ice sword to do the next right thing.

Role: Control

Position: Mid

Star: :star:

Trial Team: Blue


Basic Attack: Anna strikes an enemy with her ice sword.

Entrance: Anna glides into the battlefield with the ground of snow that disappear as she waves.

Victory: Anna jumps up in cheerful.

Defeat: Anna falls to the ground and begins to cry.


:white_circle:White: Freezable Sword

:sparkles:Fantastic Damage
Anna leaps onto the closest enemy and absorbs counters by striking them doubling with her ice sword dealing X damage and freezing enemies for 10 seconds. Anna will also grant her allies X basic damage and X skill power.

:green_circle:Green: Biggest Punched
:sparkles:Fantastic Damage
Whenever a enemy tries to attack Anna at a close range, She grabs them by the hand and punched it very hard dealing X damage which gets knockback and stunning them for 6 seconds.

:large_blue_circle:Blue: Sacrifice For Love
When an ally is about to be KO’d, Anna leaps onto her ally and sacrifice herself by turning into a frozen statue for 7 seconds until she loses her energy, when the enemy is about to attack frozen Anna, she creates X armor and reality, after that Anna returns herself and heals her allies X HP.

:purple_circle:Purple: Nothing’s In My Way
Anna is now immune to debuffs.
Allies gain X Basic Damage every time they studied an enemy.
Debuffs may fail against debuffs from enemies above level X.

:red_circle:Red: The Next Right Thing
Anna’s Basic Attack will increases attack speed and skill power by 25% for 12 seconds. Anna steals X reality from the closest enemy she stunned in “Biggest Punched.”

Additional Boosts:

  • +X Skill Power
  • +X Max HP
  • +X Reality


Winter Battle
Allies: Kristoff & Sven, Pocahontas, Olaf
Disk Name: Some Things Never Change
Strongest Freezable Sword
Story: Anna and Elsa battle against the creeps during the winter to save summer.

  • +X Skill Power
  • +X Basic Damage
  • Every 3 basic attacks, Anna stuns the enemy she targeted for X seconds

Anna/Launchpad Mcquack
Awkward Situation
Allies: Ian Lightfoot, Frozone, Timon & Pumbaa
Disk Name: Royal Pilot
Buffs When Damaging Studied Enemies
Story: Anna hangs out with Launchpad at the City Carnval and teaches him to be super careful from getting into clumsiness.

  • +X Max HP
  • +X Armor
  • “Sacrifice For Love” grants allies 50 energy. +20 per star.

Hopefully she’ll come this year :crossed_fingers:



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scrolled fast through the concept to the comment. This went by so fast it looked animated XD

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I do not really think that Anna is a candidate for being Tank, any other of the categories could fit her. Her skills make her more Support, as in:

Great job just for trying to think outside the box :grin:

As stated before, do you mean “her” and not “their”?

This is stronger than Mad Hatter’s purple skill; that might be a problem.

This is pretty strong because Anna can constantly land her basic attacks and thus gain this attack speed permanently.

This concept is good, but it can be better. (meme intended)

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So should fix it then too make it better?

I see that she can be a support but I would say Anna is more of a control or damage using the spirits to inflict debuffs or damage against the enemies but support is fine but the frozen characters already have a strong support (Kristof and Sven) so, I feel like Anna isn’t that necessary to be a support. Also Olaf is more of a support tank like Felix so I didn’t really think another support character was necessary. Also, I agree about the skills being more of support skills.

Edit: just added some image and gifs to see how it perfectly turns of the skillset.

I agree too. I want Anna to be added too. I think Sacrifice for love should be her purple skill but it’s my opinion other than that everything else is neat But I hope she gets added :crossed_fingers:

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