Full toy story team: strategy guide

Hello every one, quick thing this is not my original idea based off This topic it is super helpful and. Think more would jot hurt.

Which toy story characters are available?

Woody, buzz, Jessie, zurg, Rex,

general information


Role support
Position mid
Trial team blue
Health 1st
Basic damage great.
Skill power normal
Energy rejen 2nd
Armer 2nd

Overall woody is a great support as he has good power health and armer not many changes. I think he needs, but if there is one is for more power on giddy upon dr

He is built ARP keeping the team alive could be good tank if you so desire Strong with zurg and nick I have found out is strong really good in CW

Often he dies first if you have no tank or health is to low you have to work on him to get him great

More is coming soon just wait.


Another guide. Just wot we all needed. Great work. :+1:

Thanks and sorry not that much done my eyes are killing me

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Go sleep!!! You need it!!! Thhe strong lead, their eyes bleed! Thhe weak sleep, their eyes don’t weep :sunglasses:

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OK then good idea

20 characters

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I have a question. In this Toy Story team, can we rely on Woody’s Bullseye skill to heal the team? And is he considered as a healer?

I believe he’s a pseudo-healer…

Until you’ve promoted Woody into Purple, he’s basically a inferior/superior version of Judy. His Purple Skill is the only one who can heal.

When his Purple Skill is maxed out, it heals 1086 HP whenever an ally hits a Bullseyed Enemy, making it a good healer for Zurg’s White Skill.

Okay I get that. And what is a pseudo-healer?

“Pseudo-” should not be confused with “Semi-”

Basically, a Pseudo-Healer is supposed to be a healer, but is something else, i.e. a Damage Speed Booster.

Okay, so based on my undestanding, pseudo can be also called as secondary?

I thought Psuedo meant feet?

Anyways, my assessment: Woody is not used mainly for his healing, but for his ability to pull a back line enemy to you. This makes quick work of Elsa or Maleficent or other annoying, difficult to reach back liners. With the Jessie friendship, it also stuns the enemy preventing them from using skills.

He also has a charm. IMO, that is what I use him for :wink:

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But for the Toy Story team, it seems like Woody’s the only one who can heal, right?

Well, Jessie is self sustaining, if she doesn’t get hit with two much Fantastic damage. Her white skill heals her up a lot. Other than that, yup only healer…

Well, I can’t believe that some people are interested with the Toy Story team. Many people always use Zootopia team rather than the Toy Story team.

And please excuse me for bringing in this topic, but when @Kayl0 posts, I thought it was Polaris. :rofl: I might go insane in any minute. Hahaha! :roll_eyes: :crazy_face: :dizzy_face:

I forgot about this topic, I will try to do more in it!