[Fun and Games!] Disney Heroes: Battle Mode's Alphabet (Part 1)

Y - You know what, I don’t know.

Z - Zzzz… so tired… can’t wait for the August sign in info

A - Aamir is also anxious for August sign in character!

B - But most likely Cheshire is sign in

C - Correct.

D - Didn’t use Cheshire Cat as “C”?

E - Everyone does that! I’m unpredictable!

F - Flagging will no longer close threads, yay!

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G - Good thing too, spam has become a new forum trend it seems


H- High Rankings

I - I was thinking fast and not doing what I’m doing lol

J - Jumba grants 1 ally precise

K - Kim Possible knows that it’s all allies behind him that get precise

Edit: With the red skill it’s one but with the disk it’s all allies behind

L - Linguini and Remy grant allies hardy

M - Many of us want Kim, but I want Kermit more

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N - Now game is bad because it’s missing Kim Possible!

O - Oh where is Kermit, Kim, Anna, Lilo, P&F characters, etc

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P - Please don’t start this again …(all this “new characters, please?” Although I do get it that you guys want PB to fulfill your 1001 requests)

R - Right now PB only adds new characters, cap rise, new characters, cap rise, all around, so why not at least character which the players want, PB ignores all requests about cap rise anyway, so that’s the only thing left? What’s the problem? If nobody would say anything as you suggest Kim would be scrapped a long time ago.


U missed Q. Let It Go

S- So Finally Patch has Arrived…

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