[Fun and Games!] Disney Heroes: Battle Mode's Alphabet (Part 1)

T- Time to wait for Kermit again

U- U also forgot Anna, but she could not come until next year

V- Vote for the hero you want the most:

  • Anna
  • Kermit
  • Kim
  • The rest of Wonderland
  • Shan Yu on Server 19
  • Other

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W-Why hasn’t sever 19 got Shan Yu yet? Everyone deserves Shan Yu!!!

Skips X

Y - You think that? HAH. He will be a tough opponent… damage-wise…

Skipping Z

A-Ah, I see now. Server 19 is lucky not having Shan Yu dominating the meta.

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B - Because of how exclusive he is, he isn’t as used as much as you think

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C-Chance of him being moved out of the exclusive crate next update is quite high.

D - Do you really think that? It’s only been around 4 months.

E-Err, Mushu was only exclusive for 2 months.

F - for what it’s worth Shan yu is okay, don’t get me wrong he is strong but he just isn’t great

G - Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo are friends with a contest exclusive hero, not a special one. Anymore, Mushu was a contest exclusive for ~3 months. May, June, and July.

H - Happy that Cheshire made it as sign in

I - I have a Concept Library now!

Disney-Fan’s Library of Concepts

J - Just great for you

K- Kinda sounded sarcastic

L - Li Shang can do 3 different poses in his white skill

M- Minnie has Pluto, but Mickey doesn’t, weird.

N - Not as weird as Jumba and a Pleakley being separated characters

O - Of Course

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