[Fun and Games!] Disney Heroes: Battle Mode's Alphabet (Part 1)

P - Pleakley and Pooh can stack insects

Q - Question: I’m pretty sure what Pooh does not stack insect. But he does stack “hunny”, a yummy alternative when you’re not Timon and Pumbaa. Lol


R - Really? Oh… nvm :neutral_face:

S- Surprise! Cheshire Cat is here and not Kim/ Kermit/Anna!


T - True but at least Cheshire is a well known Alice in Wonderland character and is added late. Pretty sure it goes to Anna and Kermit

U - U and me and all wants Kim Possible, at least she will be from the new franchise, not from already existing in-game.

V - Very impatient for Kim Possible, but more impatient for Kermit

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W - Waiting for Kim is really painful.

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Y - Yup… at least we dont know who will come in the next patch

Hopefully more TV show characters if we’re lucky…

Z - Zero nonsense please, just release Phineas and Ferb characters, it’s popular show and it’s getting a movie!

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A - Ah… but it’s want the devs want to add so we dont know…

Hopefully they’ll come

B - Barely listen to feedbacks PB, if they won’t come.

C - Candace Against The Universe, a movie based of a popular and the most longest Disney TV show

D - ( LetsGet ) DangerousBro, you can’t say most longest, just FYI.

E - (Well it has the most) Episodes

F - Features waiting to be unlocked by me (ie. Challenger tier in arena)

G - Great for people who already unlocked Tron and Jumba (I haven’t yet)

H- Hey, I have Tron but not Jumba

I - I hope more TV show characters around August or September…

J - Just to revive this thread here is this post

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