[Fun and Games!] Disney Heroes: Battle Mode's Alphabet (Part 1)

L - Let’s change the subject before they flag us.

M-Monsters Incorporated. We scare because we care.

N- No Kim Its over 2 years PB!!!


O-Oh my disney

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P - Perblue, add Kim Possible

Q-Quiet down on Kim! She’ll arrive later than expected!

R - Right now, let’s wait for the next patch notes. Maybe next week.

S-Stitch says “Ohana means family”

T- thinking about new patch notes

U- U guys and I really want kim. (Sorry i couldn’t think of anything else)

V - Varieties of badges

W-What about moi?

X- Xtra fun…if KP is added…what say?

Y-Years since Kim…but that’s ok. We’ve gotten other cool heroes added to the game!

Z - Zero, amount of cool characters added is zero.

A-Aw Shucks (Goofys red skill)

B- @BlackBOY

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C - Cool characters include Powerline, Gerald, Marlin and Nemo and Pooh.

D- Dang, kim possible is taking a long time to be made.

E - Extremely long!

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