[Fun and Games!] Disney Heroes: Battle Mode's Alphabet (Part 1)

R- @Rothan_Edentide

S-Stitch Appreciation


T - @TherMasterStitch (idk if it was used or not)

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U- @Unicornio_LVIII



W - Water characters (Moana, Gerald, Marlin & Nemo, Hank & Dory)

X - Xtra characters

Y- Y Still No Kim ,Kermit,Anna PB?

Z-Zip past Z back to A

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A- a lot of spammers

B - Big amounts of them

C-Can’t Contain them!

D- don’t know why they think spam is funny

E - Everyone’s annoyed by them.

F- fun game, spammers aren’t

G - Good thing spammers are inactive right now.

H- Hurrah they are offline rn

I - Incredible!

J-Joy to the team!

K-Kool that they aren’t on!

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