[Fun and Games!] Disney Heroes: Battle Mode's Alphabet (Part 2)

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O- Oops, they’re did again

Q - Question: Shouldn’t we start with P?

Okay, Maybe we should wait for @Musketeer to make sequel or use this thread?

So why did you don’t use the Q?


Back from the dead we are

This. No use in having an unused thread.


Here are the rules again in case someone new shows up here. The game is that we start with the letter A and end with the letter Z, in alphabetical order.
We write one name per post; of everything related to DHBM (game, forums, or forum users).
After letter Z we going back again to letter A, over and over again.
No double posting, wait for someone!

V, X and Y can be ignored if someone finds it difficult, there’s not much choice apart from users, but everyone still can pick something

A - Alright I’ll start us :blush:

I think we should wait for @Musketeer


Okay, just wanted to try to get the ball rolling

B- but why make a second one?

Because this isn’t run by Musk


C- Cars is a meh movie (in my opinion) the only good things are the memes

But what does it matter? Musk’s rules are still in place.

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Summary: That system takes all the credit for the publication of Musk


But it’s not, because this is a continuation of the topic Musk made. If Musk makes another topic, then we will just have an unused topic.

But, it’s Musk’s topic. We should wait to see what he wants to do since he’s the OP. :neutral_face:

If he makes another thread, we’ll use that one, but if he doesn’t we’ll use this one. Besides, alot of the System Forum Hero Threads have been abandoned and no one said anything. :man_shrugging:


… First of all, we all agreed to wait until Musk decides whether or not to use this as the actual sequel thread (which you’ve could’ve learned just by reading the comments right above yours…).

Second of all, even if this does become the sequel… we’re not even close to “L” yet. Where did you get that from? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


We started with O then Q. Thought we were winging it.

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