[Fun and Games!] Disney Heroes: Battle Mode's Alphabet (Season 2)

The original

The game is that we start with the letter A and end with the letter Z, in alphabetical order.
We write one name per post; of everything related to DHBM (game, forums, or forum users).
After letter Z we going back again to letter A, over and over again.
No double posting, wait for someone!

V, X and Y can ignored if someone finds it difficult, there’s not much choice apart from users, but everyone still can pick something


Let’s begin…

A - Alice


B - :black_joker:

C - Creator has created the thread again!

D - Don’t mess this up, people!

E - :email:

F - Fun and Games

G - Geez, thanks for the info, Musk

H - Hello, my name is Matthew (no it isn’t)

I- I cannot believe this has been revived…

J - Just look at how many versions of Forum Heroes we’ve gone through. :sweat_smile:

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K- :kazakhstan:

L - Lame this sequel is. System made a good one already

M- Meh, System is just stealing people’s ideas.

N- Nopuedeser
Djaq lost regular :disappointed:

O - Oh boy here we go again

P - Petra, wow there’s another one of these.

Q- :question:

R- :rabbit2:

S- stitch

T- @TotallyNotDash

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