[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.0)

Current Battle!

Creep has 151HP!

Battle ends on: 09.09.2020

Previous Battles!

Creep Status Date of Victory/Failure
Purple Ninja (100 HP) Victory 6.07.2020
Purple Purrickly Pear (150 HP) Victory 7.07.2020
Cannon (120 HP) Victory 9.07.2020
Blue Ghoul (150 HP) Failure 11.07.2020
Control Hunter (120 HP) Victory 25.07.2020
Blue Mage (151 HP) Victory 30.07.2020
Coldsnapper (102 HP) Victory 01.08.2020
??? ??? ???

Coming Soon!



  • Each forum user is welcome to fight off creeps which invaded the forum!
  • Each user post removes from the creep 1HP.
    • You can post anything what you want, as long it follows forum rules.
  • Double-posting is banned and won’t count.
  • After defeating a creep, another one will appear after some time.
  • Some creeps might have special abilities, watch the first post for the info!

Fun! Take that creep!

throws a piece of paper at creep Ha!


Wow nice idea!

Falcon Punch! Take that creep!

Remaining Creep HP: 97

Runs away screaming

Grabs @Fellow_PigIet and gives him a sword

Attempts to use the sword

Critical hit!

Remaining Creep Hp: 96

Actually, with this post the creep is at 91 HP.

Not really. Because 4 of us attacked it.

Use feather to tickle the creep*

I thought this meant every post

it is, basically 101st post means the creep is dead.
of course if nobody double post.

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Wait, really? Then I’m wrong then.

The creep has 86 HP then if this is the 15th post.

Musketeer’s initial post doesn’t count

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punches Creep

Pokes at creep

Smokes Creep

Smash it with a hammer!

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