[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

Wanted to release my submission but still struggling for friendship discs, damaging the creep

There is plenty of time LGDB, somehow damages the creep



Heimlich uses Slim as a sword

Boom. Some explosions damage creep

Seven hours of silence damage the creep

New concept damages the creep

Disney music damages the creep

Loud music damages the creep

Planned Concept damages creep

Cool thing damages creep

Looks too realistic

Sci Twi unleashed the magic

I think that’s the point that’s the point of The drawing

Horace hits creep

Deals damage

Deals more damage

Deals alot more damage

Removes 1 HP

Forums being to cool for creep deals damage

Dumps a bucket of ice water on the creep

Justin Bieber songs Mistletoe damaging the creep

Olaf hits Elsa

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