[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

The creep doesn’t nothing with his summer and has to go back to school

But his grades aren’t as good as Baljeet’s

Bufford punches the creep

Isabella charms the creep

Whale-mingos run over the creep

Doraemon attacks the creep :slight_smile:

I can do that for a day or two for today I will give it back on the way home :house: is the only issue with my grandpa :older_man:t5: is that he will have the money :yen: to pay :moneybag: to go to buy a deal if I get to him a couple of months now I can do to the bank :bank: he will have it in a few days I will give him his money :yen: I can do to the bank :bank: for him to pay :moneybag: a little less and he will never give you up

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manticore stuns the creep


@ no ones to damage creep

Bad Cosmetics damage the creep

Finally finished my concept but don’t know when to post it, damaging the creep

Orchestras playing damages creep

The next Smash character excites and damages the creep

Super Mario jumps at the creep

Luigi shines his flashlight

Bowser spits fire at the creep

Waluigi throws Bob ombs

Yoshi eats the creep

Elsa keeps healing…!

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