Doraemon Hero Concept

Hello Everyone! Welcome To My 1st concept. It was sorta dream to make a concept and today I made it! Hope You Guys would enjoy and Please Give feedback In order to get me improved :wink:

Hero Name : Doraemon

Description : A cat-like robot of the 22nd century. Doraemon came to the present age to help Nobita.

Quote: Someday If I die, Don’t think I forgot you, Just Have look towards sky
My Tears will be raindrop on your cheeks to say Hey! I’m still with you!

Role: Support
Team Trial : Blue
Stars: 2 :star:

Entrance : Doraemon enters battle field in His Time Machine

Victory : Flies and Celebrate in The Air with Take Copter

Defeat : Doraemon Cries

Basic Attack : Doraemon Throws Random Gadget from his 4D Pocket


White Skill : [4D Pocket]
Normal Damage
The Players Chooses one of the gadgets of Doraemon:

  • TakeCopter : Doraemon Flies with his take copter healing himself and ally with Least HP
    for X HP
  • Big Light : The Backmost Ally Becomes Enormous and becomes invincible for 5s.
  • AnyWhere Door : Doraemon Uses AnyWhere Door Arriving him between The enemies dealing them Z Damage per second in an area.

While On Auto, Doreamon Uses Take Copter then Big Light then AnyWhere Door.

Heal to Ally With Least HP and Invincibility Of Enormous Ally Has a chance to fail with Allies above Level X.

Green Skill :[Small Light]
Doraemon uses His Small Light shrinking size of two enemies for 7s with most basic damage and most skill power.Shrinking removes all active buffs from shrinked enemies.
This has a chance to fail against enemies above Level Y

Blue Skill [Time Travel]
Fantastic Damage
Doraemon Uses His Time Machine And Crosses Battlefield Hitting Enemies with his Time Machine dealing them X damage per hit per enemy

Purple Skill[Best Friendship]
The Enormous Ally Receives 3 stacks of hardy while Shrinked Enemy received 2 stack of fatigue

Red Skill [ Happiness Together]
Allies with Stack Of Hardy gets X BD per stack of hardy
+X Fantastic Crit
+X Armor per Stack Of Hardy to Allies
+X Evasion


  • Doraemon And Hiro Hamada
    We Love Gadgets

+X Reality To Allies
+X Skill Power To Enormous Ally and Doraemon

Star Upgrade: Basic Attack of Doraemon and Allies deals 30% more damage( 15% Increase Per Star)

Allies: Ian, Baymax, Bunsen and Beaker

  • Doraemon And Tron
    Best Programmes Ever


Star Upgrade: +125 Starting Energy(125 Energy Per Star)

Allies: Kevin Flynn, Quorra, GizmoDuck

Hope You Enjoyed
Please Share Your Feedback😉

these helped me alot


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This is really good for a first concept!

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Thanks :grinning: :grinning:

What kind of damage do the Blue and White skills do?

It is mentioned.

I am proud of you. I have no idea who this is, but I am proud.


Thank You :slight_smile: It is doraemon from japanese cartoon, not sure if he is from disney, but i saw alot doraemon on disney channel

Is he from yo-kai watch?

It was on Disney XD :thinking:

(At least it was On Demand for a bit)

No, but the voice actor of Nate (from Yo-Kai Watch) is the same voice actor of Nobi (from Doraemon)

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I am not sure what you mean there, but please do not revive topics without really contributing to the topic…

It is also called take copter!

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