[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

You monster!

Returns the cute baby animal to normal and it charms the creep

Megara charms PB and the creep to make her stronger and more broken than Chesire Cat.

Damage mod applies to Joy and Megara, damaging the creep

Miguel is mad that he wasn’t included and smacks the creep with his guitar.

Creep is forgotten by everyone

Heimlich attacks the creep

Elsa steps on the bug, this makes Timon and Pumbaa angry and charges at Elsa, pushing her from a cliff, Elsa then falls to the ocean where was attacked by Marlin and Dory

RIP Heimlich…

Ursula steals Elsa’s voice

Elsa will die

Elsa laughs, creating earthquake and falling into Hades’ place, which later burns Elsa for interrupting his day

Mushu blows fire on Elsa

Elsa visits Buy n Large and gets… um… B I G.

Anger gets upset, damaging the creep…

Joy comforts you, and the warm feeling of kindness burns the creep

Sadness cries, damaging the creep

Anger rages, also damaging the creep

Fear screams, damaging the creep again

Disgust feels disgusted

The creep takes damage lowering its hp by 1.

Creep gets hurt

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