A hungry circus bug (Heimlich character concept)

Here is my submission for the Animal Kingdom Concept Contest!: Heimlich from A Bug’s Life.

Name: Heimlich

Quote: “Someday, I will be a beautiful butterfly, and then everything will be better.”

Description: Floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee, Heimlich has his appetite for his performances to show off to his foes.

Role: Tank

Position: Front

Stars: :star:

Team: Blue

Basic Attack: See Passive.

Entrance: Heimlich lands down to position by using his arms holding onto leaves as he flaps down like a butterfly.
Victory: Heimlich reveals his tiny butterfly wings.
Defeat: Heimlich becomes scared, with his face turning white.
White Skill: Cute Little Bumblebee
:facepunch: Normal Damage
Passive: Instead of having a basic attack, Heimlich eats his leaf, healing himself X HP.
Active: Heimlich gets in his bee outfit and run across the battlefield, dealing knockback and X damage as he passes by.
Green Skill: Head Gone Missing
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Heimlich eats some boysenberries, making his head go into his body when eating the berries. This will deal X damage and scares enemies for 8 seconds.
Blue Skill: Candy Corn
Heimlich brings out his candy corn and eats it. This heals Heimlich X HP as well as granting himself X reality and X Max HP.
Purple Skill: Hungry For Performance
“Head Gone Missing” will also give Heimlich 2 stacks of “Hardy.” And each “Hardy” removed, Heimlich gains X reality and X Max HP for the rest of the wave.

This skill has a chance to fail if Heimlich is above level Z.

Red Skill: Big Appetite
“Candy Corn” will increase Heimlich’s attack speed and skill power by 25% for 12 seconds. Heimlich steals X reality from the closest enemy he scared in “Head Gone Missing.”

Additional Boosts:

  • +X Skill Power
  • +X Max HP
  • +X Reality


Heimlich/Winnie The Pooh
Stinging Like A Bee
Allies: Oogie Boogie, Gonzo, Jack-Jack
“Cute Little Bumblebee” Slows Enemies

  • +X Skill Power
  • +X Max HP to Heimlich and allies
  • +X damage in “Cute Little Bumblebee”
  • “Cute Little Bumblebee” decreases enemies’ movement speed and attack speed by 10%

Heimlich/Robin Hood
Quick Quiver
Allies: Mad Hatter, Peter Pan, Miss Piggy
Buffs Allies in “Candy Corn”

  • +X Basic Damage to allies
  • “Candy Corn” heals allies 60% of Heimlich’s healing
  • “Candy Corn” increases allies’ basic damage and attack speed by 25% for 3 seconds (+0.5 sec per star)


A surprise concept coming next week on Thursday, Thanksgiving!

Feedback is welcomed and I hope you liked it!


This should probably say: “Instead of a standard basic attack…”

I think 5 is a bit too much given this skill would, in theory, happen once every 10-20 seconds. Maybe make it 2 stacks.

Apart from that, I love it.


Ok, I’ll change that. Thanks for the feedback

Thank you for submitting

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