[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

Rockets fall onto creep

The creep eats the cake, turns out the cake is poisoned!

Sally consumes the all the poison stacks to deal damage

Decided to scrap and delay my concept, making the creep sad and damaging itself

A black hole swallows the creep

Bowser blows fire at the enemies

Peach hits the creep with a Driver

Underrated Mario character attacks the creep

Oliver attacks the creep

Geno shoots energy at the enemy

Imposter sabotages creeps oxygen

The creep gots run over by Minecraft Steve riding on his minecart

the creep is sore by the references

The snore damages the creep

Throws the book at the creep

Belle gets angry and whacks the creep with her stick

The creep realizes he got thrown in jail and didn’t actually get hit by a book

Judy Hopps kicks the enemy

Chief Bogo gives the creep paperwork

So did Roz

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