[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

The creep gets paper cuts

A rocket fell on the creep and explodes

A piano falls on the creep and explodes

The creeper comes to the creep and explodes

The creep swallows a pill, then it explodes in the creep’s stomach

Bomberman throws bombs and they explode

Papyrus throws spaghetti at the creep

Lady and Tramp eat the spaghetti, and accidentally bite the creep

A cactus falls on the creep

Planty the Potted plant attacks the creep

A camel spits on the creep. Same with the llama

Piranha plant bites the creep

Daisy throws a turnip at the creep

The creep is confused if its Daisy Duck, flower daisy, or Daisy from Mario

The creep realizes that it is Daisy from Mario

Professor Macavity throws chemicals into the creep

Scooby-Doo throws a hamburger at the creep

Shaggy goes ultra-instinct

Daphne smacks the creep with her purse

The creep gets run over by the Mystery Machine

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