[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

Creep gets annoyed by the amount of stadia adds on youtube


Random emojis deal damage

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A llama spits at the enemy

Scorpion stings the enemy


Symbol damages the creep


#TweettheCreep is now trending

@ing @random @people to @Kill_the_Enemy

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@The_creep_kill @ing

@Ing my alt account: @TotallyNotMimikyu to @Yeet @THE creep

@Damage @cactus by @ing @people in @Disney_heroes_Battle_Mode forum

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The creep takes damage while waiting for server update to finish…

All of these random people attack the creep

I open a rift from another universe to send the creep to it.

The creep ends up in Universal Studios

Universal Studios checks out the creep’s script and hates it. The studio kicks the creep out.

The creep sneaks back in

A random PM damages enemy

Disgust scoffs at the creep damaging it

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Creep damaged itself for some reason

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