[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

The creep gets “bothered” that bothered for removed

The creep eats a pear with catsup on it, then realizing it’s cannibalism

@Alyssa1 please stop double posting and actually contribute something to this thread rather than trying to act smart.

Captain Amelia uses her lightsaber to hit the creep just like her father Lord Voldemort taught her to do when she was travelling to Mordor.


Post No. 2979 will now kill the creep if Alyssa doesn’t delete a post

Sadness cries to damage enemy

Tears hurt ya’know

upcoming heroes deals HUGE and BROKEN damage

The creep goes into Walmart

And everything is sold out

The creep gets kicked out for not wearing a mask


Alyssa angers the creep for some reason

Mammoth stomps the creep rapidly

Something damages the creep

The creep falls of a cliff

Creep falls into the ocean

Monstro swallows the creep

Tigger pounces the creep

The creep is hit by Tarzan who has forgotten how to get from a tree to another

Jane sketches a picture of the creep

Terk and Tantor trash the camp at the creep.

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