[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

Creep get corona virus


Mickey shall not get corona!

The creep feels fine and is ready to be beat up

Arrows from nowhere attack the creep

Hit the creep, kick the creep, shout at the creep, scare the creep

Silence the creep, study the creep, blind the creep, shrink the creep, kidnap the creep, charm the creep, stun the creep, freeze the creep, scare the creep

confuse the creep

Jasmine pole vaults into the creep

Mr. Meat knocks the creep with his meat weapon.

Steamboat willie crashes into the creep

Steamboat Mickey whistles, which annoys the creep

The lonesome ghosts prank the creep

Bo Peep hist the creep with her staff

The brooms splash the creep with water

The water freezes itself up to damage the creep

Silence silences the creep

Stuns stun the creep

Meg charms the creep

Cheshire attempts to stun the creep, but the green skill is too op

Donald plays a flute at the creeps

Maximus hits the creep with a pan

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