[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

The creep realizes that pans are apparently more useful than swords

Maximus attacks him with a sword

Jar jar exists damaging creep

Strawberry jam attacks the creep

Many candies blind, stun, slow and damage the creep

Creep has to go to dentsist but the dentist attacks him

Pinky and brain electrocute the creep

Ralph wrecks the creep

Pinkie Pie throws pies at the creep

Will Turner duels the creep

53 replies…

Damages creep

Large number of deleted posts damage the creep

Doing homework and dealing damage somehow

Trolls annoy the creep

Alread yhearing Last Christmas in super market annoys and damages creep

not me

Piggy falls on the creep

Bunsen uses a weird machine throwing Beaker at the creep accidently

not me either. This damages the creep and the thief of the thief and the thief of the thief creep and his chainsaw and his sword and his armor and his disks are dealing damage to the enemy

Itchy and scratchy torment the creep

Creep feels lonely. This deals damage

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