[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

Patch Notes thread attacks the creep

------------------------------ = SUS

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Yse, TtosallyNtoDsha is ssu

LSB kidnap the creep

There are 3 Impostors Among Us.

NotDash, Gio, Minnie :grin:

The Creep was Ejected.

3 Impostors Remain.

Three??? Dang, impostors gonna win :thinking:

Dash, TND, and TotallyNotDash

Damages the creep

Three, two, one shots are fired at the creep by Stitch

I wonder how I would play with 3 accounts. :thinking:

Tehree dveisces? Yuo be trpile-mulestasking

Miguel and Joy team up to yeet the meta, making Chesire Cat feel like Ralph.

Hamm rolls into the creep

All emotions in-game damages the creep

Tall Fear damages the creep

Disgust’s coolness damages the creep

Fear’s dread icon is on the bottom of The list damaging and confusing the creep

Confused Creep gets attacked by the Muses

You know what else. Fear and Anger friendship also have all of the emotional

Emotions and Emotions cause the creep to cry and take damage

Legless lego Darth maul slashes the creep (it’s from the new holiday special)

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