[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

Ze hamburglar

hit, punch, kick


Deadpool shoots the creep

Yzma gives some strange potion to the creep

Still not creative today, that damages the creep…

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Creep is damaged

I think someone is sus :thinking:

NotDash has banned Tik Tok and creep for: CRINGE.

Creep is attacked by teeth that fled from a mad librarian

My amzaing speeling dmaeges the crepp


Math Attacks The Creep


Ins’t me sppellnig teh bsetest on da Erath?

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Nno. Mieni iise

The creep gives The Hungry Pumkin the wrong food and throws it to the creep’s face by saying “No! I don’t want that!”

Pumpkin Pie attacks the creep

Da Asneswser
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