[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)


Creep damages itself to get our attention


Creep falls asleep with boredom but wakes up due a new post


What are we even doing any more


Counting, for some reason


Counting down because we are tired of this creep and want a new one.


creep slips on a banana peel


That was thrown by king Louie


Shank drove into the creep


Scar bites the creep


Creep starts to malfunction


Darkwing Duck becomes invisible


Creep blows up


Umm. Don’t you think that is really mean? Also a new creep has not appeared yet.

I read the conc…never mind

New creep will appear soon…

tenor (6)

It will appear after “update” :wink:


Say hello to update 1.1!

  • Appreciation of the best Forum Heroes!
    • The name’s of best fighters will be written on the table to resemble their labour!
    • Only best five best fighters will be included on the table, you can find the table in the first post
    • The founder of the game won’t be included into Top 5
  • Power-Ups!

    • Time for the arrival of the most wanted!
    • Only the best forum heroes (Top 5) can use the power-ups
    • To activate one of the best heroes must create a poll with ‘‘Yes’’ and No’’ and suggested Power-Up to activate, when at least 5 people will agree (and pick ‘‘Yes’’) the power-up will be activated; everyone can take part of the polls
    • After use, the Power-Up can’t be used for the next 30 days
    • You can also a list of the Power-Ups on the first post, and check if there are available to use!
List of Power-Ups

Kim Possible - Removes on the creep 20 HP
Kermit - Deactivates the special rules
Don Karnage - Boost damage of all users by 50% for this round
Anna - Regulars deals 100% more damage in this round
Bolt - All posts now removes 3 HP for the next 1 hour

  • New creeps!
    • Starring the Purple Bug! – New creep has appeared!
    • Added final target - no. of the post which will kill the creep

(1229th post will kill the new creep)


Uses Kim Possible as the first attack

and the creep now have only 148 HP :ocean:

Throws books to the Creep

Captain Hook studies his map

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