[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

shots a smoke bomb at the creep

angel charms creep

Miguel plays calming music

Judy knocbacks Creep

Mike rolls over the creep

Ducky and Bunny smash the creep with a hammer

The Big Bad Wolf knocks the creep
(The creep falls from high cliff!)

Yzma smashes the creep with a hammer

Lilo while dancing hula also knocks the creep
The creep has landed into the ocean and now is chased by a shark!

The shark belly flops onto the creep

Glomgold sends a Sharka to attack the creep

The creep runs swims into Ariel, who slaps them in the face

The creep flies away from the ocean, but unfortunately for it, it hits the bottom of the aeroplane with Daisy which gives the weather forecast for the Hawaii

The people inside the plane jump out and the plane crashes into the ocean

Glomgold was on the plane and sends another sharka to attack the creep.

The plane almost hits Lilo but Stitch caught plane, sending it away to Tokyo!

It then crashes in Tokyo, attacking the creep.

The creep leaves the plane but doesn’t understand Japanese and punches itself.

Fortunely B.O.Y.D. is visiting Tokyo, he punches the creep few times.

B.O.Y.D accidentally self-destructs

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