[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

The creep goes to the hospital again…again…again

The doctor turns out to be Dr. Doofenshmirtz and he made the fly-swatterinator to swat the creep

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He then goes to see Dr. Finklestein who electrocutes the creep

And then Dr. Philip Sherman arrived to pull a fang off the creep’s mouth

Nigel the seagull flew into the creep, and attacked them

Then he goes to Dr. Mattathias Medicalschool who performs cranioectomy on the creep

Becky the loon pecks the creep

tower of terror elevator falls on creep

The creep feels sick after surgery and after dealing with all the animals and things that attacked him.

The creep needs to pay a lot of money since it has to go to the hospital so many times, damaging itself

The creep opens a lemonade stand to pay for everything, but a gang of bikers comes and pours the lemonade on the creeps head damaging the creep

The duck from the Duck Song came by to ask the creep for grapes, annoying the creep to damage itself

The duck throws grapes at the creep

The creep now heads to NYC and tries to get a cab, but fails.

A cab then runs over the creep

Creep is surprised how much HP has been removed from it in such short time

Bo tackles the creep from behind, straining them for others to attack.

Question: Will power ups change with every new creep?

Facilier turns the creep to frog

Facilier then steps on the creep who is a frog.

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