[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

Rufus the Cat scratches the creep

The Beast takes a scratch at the creep as well, leaving a mark

Scar scratches the creep

Rufus the mole rat also scratches the creep

Simba & Nala also scratch the creep

The Bug visited the hospital but got hit by entrance doors

Fozzie makes a terrible doctor joke, making the creep cringe

Doctor Miss Piggy beats up the creep

The creep wonders why nobody uses power-ups yet

That’s not how power-ups work…

Duke runs over the creep, sending them to the hospital again!

Calling for the best 5 forum heroes to use power-up, the creep scares

The Hospital collapses onto the creep

The creep is really confused about what is happening

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Felix fixes the hospital while the Nicelanders kick the creep

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The nicelanders find ralph and throw him off the top window of the hospital onto the creep

Vanellope is annoyed that they threw Ralph off a window, attacking the creep out of frustration


something happens which damage the creep

Vanellope and Ralph take the creep to the internet, where the smash the creep with that giant Pinterest Pin.

The nicelanders party with the creep, the creep doesnt know whats happening and accidentally damages itself

The Bug was infected with the virus, irony.

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