[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

Say hello to update 1.2!

  • Tournaments!
    • Special creeps with a ton of HP!
    • Longer battles and changing over-battle special rules!
  • Improved Power-Ups
    • Instead of making pool the top 5 heroes need only to write hero’s (power-up) name and
      ‘’@Musketeer’’ - this will activate the power-up!
    • Making activating the power-ups much easier!
    • The top 5 heroes for today are: LetsGetDangerousBro, Prince-Aamir, Grim_grinning_Ghost, Tragic Magic, DisneyFan
  • New creeps!
    • New creep has appeared!
    • Face the infected…

(Post no 2167 will kill the creep)


Fred breathes fire on the enemy

Honey Lemon freezes the enemy

Wasabi slices the enemy

Colette throws a bowl of hummus at the creep

Gogo throws her maglev disc

I read that as ‘a bowl of humans’ and I got concerned.

Elsa freezes the creep


Agent P jumps and kicks the enemy in the face

Basil’s delicateness is upsetting the creep

Robin Hood targets the creep because it has lots of health, so he can give it to the poor

Sperm Whale body slam the creep

Shan Yu and Hayabusa attack the creep

Everyone do the flop!

Mulan attacks the creep with her cannon.

Angel silences the creep

Calhoun applies 5 stacks of Fatigue from her red skill.

Hits creep with hammer dealing 70,500 damage

Baloo tosses prickly pear cacti at the creep

King Louie slows the creep with his bananas.

Hatbox ghost steals the creep’s head

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