[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

The creep gets creeped out by Linguini

creep gets punched by bear

Thats it, I’m getting me mallet!

Boogly bites the enemy

Phineas and Ferb shoots the enemy with their baseball launcher

Davy (Oo) curses the creep makingit unable to heal

Cursed eda scares the creep

boulder falls on creep

Cogsworth pokes the enemy with his sword

Lumiere sets the creep on fire.

Aunt Cass pinches the enemy’s ear (if it has one)

Hiro then sends his Microbot after it

Basil dodges the creeps attack and studies the creep

Little Yama attacks the enemy

Therizinosaurus slashes the enemy with its claws

Callaghan commands his microbots to attack the creep

The creep gets creeped out by Mickey

Looks like a badge


Maui hits the creep with his hook

Captain Amelia commands her allies to do their skill to damage the creep

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