[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

Doof uses the Chicken-replace-inator on the creep

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Camilla the chicken falls in love with the creep

Gonzo gets jealous and flies at the creep out of a cannon

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Animal plays music

Kermit the Frog plays some charming music

Inactivity damages the creep

An upcoming refresh hero attacks the creep

Tia Dalma punches the enemy, but it deals 1 damage because she needs a buff

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Never seen Tia do some physical attacks…

Scar claws the enemy


It was a joke

Barbossa slashes the enemy

Mulan deals damage

Li Shang makes different stances

mushu isn’t in the live action mulan and creep is sad :frowning:

Arrows out of nowhere attacks the creep

robbie (gravity falls) sends the creep a winky frown and the creep is confused ;(

Creep is impatient for the next patch, damaging itself

the choosy hat eats the creep

The boredom of online class damages the creep


Creeper explodes and damages creep

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The newest Minecon announcement hypes the creep and it damages itself

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