[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

So do I do it like this?

“Kermit” @Musketeer

the letter O falls on the creep

No more pesky heals.

Basil throws darts

The caterpillar blows a smoke target for the darts to shoot into

Creep is annoyed that it can’t heal anymore

Jafar gains the healing

Fozzie throws a rubber chicken

Cheshire Cat throws his head at the creep

King Louie smashes the ground

the joker makes the creep laugh

Mr. Beast plants a tree and a branch fell down on the creep

Goliath roars at the creep

Negaduck uses his chainsaw on the creep

Daspletosaurus use Fire Bomb

Minnie Mouse throws her phone

Phone cracked, causing the creep to cry

Fear screams to damage and silence the enemy

Scar orders the hyenas to attack the creep

One one failure we made…

Throws it at the creep

Super Super Big Doctor orders her guards to attack the creep

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Yoshi pulls the enemy with his tongue and ate that enemy

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